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Tera a chance regardless of those shortcomings
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Wysłany: 2018-05-11, 09:23   Tera a chance regardless of those shortcomings

Tera was about mid-2012 on the PC at the start, my curiosity was reduced. Et al also because at the time I played the Beta for Guild Wars two and also invested a lot of time at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Besides, I didn't need a second online RPG. Even if the intriguing combat system using its refreshing activity focus as well as the dodging in actual time was considerably closer to a Darksiders compared to World of WarCraft. Meanwhile, the time I can put money into online role-playing Tera games has not increased. And on consoles, a vast range of free-to-play agents are also fighting favors: Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Skyforge, DC Universe Online as well as Path of Exile as largely classic Hack & Slay representatives prove to be tough opponents to Tera Gold. Nevertheless, I had been curious and also paid a visit to the dream world. How this has fascinated me more than expected and will most likely lead to quitting here again and is conducive to a unexpected strengths.

The scene isn't one of these. I can imagine the Unreal driven Tera game world using their (at least in terms of scarce armor) Asian-inspired or motivated by anime figures six decades ago on the computer was able to impress properly. But on consoles you have problems with the sprawling areas. Although there isn't any open, open world and you wind up in cases that are then loaded into memory, you will find problems with the images design. Above all, if you are on the way to a different area from the air by Pegasus. Too bad this is also true on the premium systems of PS4 and One where I played. Technically Tera leaves in those moments many fantasies open - also and above all in comparison to the often clearly presented contest. From the absolutely existing regions, where everything is built harmoniously when you are on foot or on the fast available bracket, the Tera game universe leaves after six years, however, only a maximum typical, albeit atmospheric impression.

But if you devote Tera a chance regardless of those shortcomings, it's likely that at some point you may silently take the technical shortcomings and sunk unexpectedly many hours to the free playable adventure. Because even six decades after its first release Tera shows some facets that may captivate and which are unavailable in additional online. First and foremost the combat system, I put to the test using four characters of different orientations (magician, berserker, mystic, archer). There are just ten professions to choose from ps4 tera gold, some of which are also dependent on the elected people.
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