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2012-12-03, 20:43
CABAL Online: The State of the Game
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Wysłany: 2012-12-03, 11:56   CABAL Online: The State of the Game

Hello and Welcome to the first article in a series we call "State of the Game", where we will inform you a bit more of what is happening right now, and even let slip some of the 'behind the scenes'-actions that are currently taking place. That said, I'll jump right to the bottom.

The first - and probably most imminent for some players - is the so-called "Merge". While currently the systems between "classic EU" and the non-English languages are separated, this is going to change quite soon, allowing German, Spanish, Italian, French and other users to really play together (or rather: against each other). More details on this topic will be revealed quite soon. The work is quite tedious, and the team is working hard on it.

The second exciting change is of course "Arcane Trace", an update with long-awaited changes to the crafting system, a new map, and the exciting new boss battle against Arcane Golem, and of course a lot of other new or changed things as well. The translation for the different versions is currently in its final steps, testing is ongoing, and everything looks clear for a soon release.

Of course there's already the next update in the works. At the moment, it's named "Rising Force". We fully expect to have this on our servers in the first part of 2013, and this is going to one of the biggest updates in terms of pure changes to the fast CABAL gameplay! Rising Force will see wide-ranging changes to the entire skill system, bringing in new stats and options that will make combat in CABAL even more dynamic. It will also introduce a new 1v1 PvP arena - we had a sneak peek at this during the CABAL Global Camp in Jeju, Korea, earlier this year. It's going to be fantastic.

Apart from the game, there are also a multitude of changes upcoming, and I'm pretty sure, that you all will love it.

The forums are subject to change. Not only the design, but we will also change the whole system beneath it. It's not only a simple upgrade, but we're actually switching the forums software to a product that fits more to our future plans in terms of integration. No content will be lost, so don't fear losing your postcount.

The website, and its underlying system, is drastically being changed, and in a few days time, you'll be prompted by a completely new system and website. The website will be easier, faster and more versatile, but I assume the most interesting point for you might be the additional security-features, that this new solution will give us and you. You could for example use your smartphone to verify a login to your account. Also the new databases are much more secure than all solutions we had in the past. I hope you don't mind that I cannot go into further details at the moment.

Additionally, with the new website we hope to reduce the amount of bots that actually make it into the game, which of course reduces work for us, and reduces annoyance for you. We also are constantly improving our anti-cheating tools and monitors. We had several new tools implemented during 2012, and saw excellent results from these in helping reduce cheating.

Lastly, Christmas is coming and we have several events and item shop promotions planned to celebrate! So keep checking the forum, and get ready for an exciting 2013!


Christian "Luco" Wehrlin


Nie będe wklejał tłumaczenia z translatora, w małym skrócie(o ile dobrze zrozumiałem):
- chcą zrobić żeby ludzie z innych serwerów grali razem, wydaje mi się że chcą zrobić jeden wielki serwer. nie będzie podziału na EU, brazil itp
-Arcane Trace, update z długo oczekiwanymi zmianami w systemie craftowania oraz nową mapą
-kolejny update w trakcie prac, "Rising Force". ma zostać wprowadzony w pierwszej części 2013roku. ma być to największy update w CABALu. ma zmienić Cabala w bardziej dyniamiczną grę. będzie nowa 1v1 arena specjalnie do PVP
-zmiany na forum
-całkowicie nowa oficjalna strona, będzie można używać jej za pomocą smartfona. nowa baza danych. więcej informacji w przyszłości
-wkoncu mają działać przeciwko botom i haxom
-świąteczny event i promocje w item shopie.
Pierwszy raz takie coś streszczam więc prosze o wyrozumiałośc .;)
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